Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We picked up our new van in North Bay yesterday after a couple of awesome and relaxing days at a cottage on a lake (pictures coming soon). The van is Tiina's family's van, and look at what they did to it for us!!!!!

Those stickers are totally permenant! They are nuts! There are four big stickers, one on each side of the van. It's awesome. Plus the van has tinted windows, so everyone who drives by tries to look in to see what's going on inside, but they can't see! We're such a rock band.

Ahhh, custom van.

It's awesome to drive because it is enormous. I'ma plow right through any moose that gets in my way. There is so much room in it, it's ridiculous. So luxurious after that cramped Civic. Thanks, Tiina's family!

Now we are staying with Tiina's family again, this time with her dad and his wife, at yet another beautiful waterfront home. We are in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, right on the river that joins Lake Huron and Lake Superior (I think my geography is right). Definitely Lake Superior. Maybe Lake Michigan instead of Huron? Anyway, two very big lakes. So all these giant container ships keep passing by getting from one lake to the other. It's neat. We play tonight in town at the Algonquin. Then tomorrow we drive to Thunder Bay, which is really an awesome name for a city.

Q: What do you call someone from Thunder Bay? Thunder Bay-ite? We're gonna find out.


Ben said...

Thar van is amazing!

I mean, that van is amazing!

I mean, That thar van is amazing!

Yeah, that's what I meant.

rachelle said...

That's what I said.

mattreid said...

Wow. Those stickers blow me away! And right over the gas tank too. It also looks like you'll have no trouble fitting all your gear in that sucker!

Paul said...

so. awesome.
holy shit that van looks so awesome.

you guys are doing it in style!

Johnathan said...

People from Thunder Bay should totally be called "Children of thunder" or something straight out of a fantasy novel like that. If they're not then somebody's dropped the ball.

Ben said...

Yeah, the gas tank sticker totally ups the awesome quotient by at least a factor of nine.