Monday, July 30, 2007


We're in Regina now. Saskatchewan is frigging flat.

It's also beautiful. I'm really into it. It smells fantastic and it's really easy to find your way around. There's nowhere to hide in Saskatchewan.

I guess you could hide behind that big Indian head (which is in Indian Head, SK).

Here I am, loving Saskatchewan:

Seriously. Great place. All the men are either cowboys, hockey players or Mounties. What's not to like? I love having a cowboy hat tipped at me. "Ma'am."


Johnathan said...

It's friggin' hot here, too. So you're not missing anything on *that* front.

Ben said...

You look about 14 there. Saskatchewan has clearly rejuvenated you. But don't stay there too long, or you'll go embryonic.

Johnathan said...

And nobody likes an embryo at the keyboard.

Rick and the Raiders tried it and look what happened to them.

Jon Hex said...

The second & third pictures remind me of the last scene from Terminator.