Sunday, July 22, 2007

Press From Montreal

We got some nice press in the Montreal Mirror. Here's the full article:

It makes the common mistake that Tiina and Steph are sisters. I mean, we can't really blame anyone for thinking that.

This is pretty funny (for us, not the poor guy in the photo). The French weekly paper in Montreal, Ici, printed a really nice big full-colour photo of us in their music listings section, and then on the opposite page they had this photo with the wrong label:

Ah, hilarious. Sorry, that guy, whoever you may be.


Ben said...

The article also typoed your name in such a way as to make me think of nicknames like Rachelle "Price" Gougen, or Rachelle "Eyeball" Gougen. Have you considered changing your last name so that I could make these dreams a reality for shildren everywhere?

Also that second picture should be the next T-shirt.

Chris Bousquet said...

Looks like you are having a fun time despite getting indirectly rained upon...
Wish I could catch a show, but I have friends going in Edmonton and possibly Vancouver...
Hope the rest of your trip is Dryer.