Monday, July 30, 2007

Hell, I'll Take Four!

The Regina A&W makes a poor wording choice on their sign:

The other side of the sign said "Delicious Teens"!

Oh, Regina.


Eleanor said...

Hey pretty ladies. Love the posts and pics. Keep em' coming. Also, tell Tiina to check her gmail account re: me coming to Hali.

Safe travels.


Donna said...

Hola Senoritas!!

Looks like a kick ass road trip. I'll admit that my road trip across our great country was much less enjoyable. He he he...Can't wait to see you in Cowtown!

healinglovemagic said...

Dearest Minks, Glad to hear and see the tour is going well. Have fun!


Ben said...

Why would you not take a picture of the other side?


Johnathan said...

Yes: why?

Jon Hex said...

How delicious were they?

Farrah Khan said...

WOW!!! Amazing .. :)
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