Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today we went to Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. It's like going back in time. We were careful not to touch anything because it might disrupt the space-time continuum. Also because there were scorpions, rattlesnakes and black widow spiders. Not very many dinosaurs, though.

Here are some pictures:

Not bad, Alberta. Not bad.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hell, I'll Take Four!

The Regina A&W makes a poor wording choice on their sign:

The other side of the sign said "Delicious Teens"!

Oh, Regina.

Kicking Saskatchewan Right in the Regina

We totally rocked the Gaslight Saloon in Regina last night (town slogan: "Yeah. We know."). It's a really tough-looking roadhouse type place and we played with two bands from Calgary: The Smokin' 45s and Sixpack Jacket. It was a lot of fun, and the crowd was really nice. Between songs we could actually hear people say things like "This band is awesome!" "What are they called again?" "The Stolen Minks! They're from Halifax!" It was like being the guest band at the Peach Pit on 90210 and the actors have to say a few awkward lines to promote the band.

So it was fun, and we did some serious dancing, mostly due to some somewhat serious drinking. We've been getting shots delivered to us on stage at some of our shows this tour. It's nice.

So here are some pictures from last night. As usual, I have no pictures of us performing. Just picture the most awesome rock show ever because that's what we looked like.


Also, it was 45 degrees today here, or something.


We're in Regina now. Saskatchewan is frigging flat.

It's also beautiful. I'm really into it. It smells fantastic and it's really easy to find your way around. There's nowhere to hide in Saskatchewan.

I guess you could hide behind that big Indian head (which is in Indian Head, SK).

Here I am, loving Saskatchewan:

Seriously. Great place. All the men are either cowboys, hockey players or Mounties. What's not to like? I love having a cowboy hat tipped at me. "Ma'am."

Funder Bay

We did the 8 hour drive to Thunder Bay on Thursday. It's a long drive, made longer by the fact that you have to be watching for moose and bears the entire time. But it's also a spectacular drive along Lake Superior.

We rolled into Thunder Bay at about dinner time, all tired and hungry. We walked into the Apollo, where we were playing, and the owner immediately asked if we were hungry and gestured toward a large table, completely set. Then her mother brought us out endless food that she had just cooked up. I'm talking steak, I'm talking pirogies, I'm talking chicken wings...it was awesome. Look at how happy we were:

Thanks, Apollo!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Stolen Minks + Play Guitar = BFF

Our touring buddies, Play Guitar, parted ways with us in Sault Ste Marie on Thursday. Here's a group shot of us all together:
Awwww, we miss those guys. So many memories...

Good times.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bat Bed!

Check out this bed I got to sleep in last night!!!

Tiina's dad's wife made it for him! She cut out all the pieces and quilted them together! Amazing!

Soooo awesome. I had the best night's sleep ever.

Roughing It

So, when we mentally prepared ourselves for going on tour, I don't think any of us were imagining that life on the road would look like this:

Yeah. It's been rough. We spent Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday at the above cottage in North Bay, Ontario. Then we had to pack it up and head to this godawful hell hole:

Seriously, it's been non-stop paradise. I have spent more time in a hammock over the past few days than out of a hammock. That's a good week.

I am writing this from tonight's venue in Sault Ste Marie (or, "The Sault" as it's oft called...which is pronounced 'Soo' for you non-Canadians). I think we all kinda forgot that we are supposed to be, like, playing music for people on this tour. It isn't all shuffleboard and suntanning.


We picked up our new van in North Bay yesterday after a couple of awesome and relaxing days at a cottage on a lake (pictures coming soon). The van is Tiina's family's van, and look at what they did to it for us!!!!!

Those stickers are totally permenant! They are nuts! There are four big stickers, one on each side of the van. It's awesome. Plus the van has tinted windows, so everyone who drives by tries to look in to see what's going on inside, but they can't see! We're such a rock band.

Ahhh, custom van.

It's awesome to drive because it is enormous. I'ma plow right through any moose that gets in my way. There is so much room in it, it's ridiculous. So luxurious after that cramped Civic. Thanks, Tiina's family!

Now we are staying with Tiina's family again, this time with her dad and his wife, at yet another beautiful waterfront home. We are in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, right on the river that joins Lake Huron and Lake Superior (I think my geography is right). Definitely Lake Superior. Maybe Lake Michigan instead of Huron? Anyway, two very big lakes. So all these giant container ships keep passing by getting from one lake to the other. It's neat. We play tonight in town at the Algonquin. Then tomorrow we drive to Thunder Bay, which is really an awesome name for a city.

Q: What do you call someone from Thunder Bay? Thunder Bay-ite? We're gonna find out.