Sunday, July 15, 2007

Official Stolen Minks Souvenir (Never Forget Your Stolen Minks Encounter)

We're gonna be selling hand silk-screened copies of this sweet little number on tour, so bring wads of cash:

Poster made by the beautiful people at Yo Rodeo.


Shawna said...

do you do mail order??

Jen P. said...

Hey Eri aka Ricky,

Hope it all goes well...I'll pass the Waterloo date onto my bros and to Walt. ...Enjoy Cowtown too. Maybe by the end of the tour your lifelong mantra will change. Instead of: 'these pants will change my life' maybe it'll be:'this tour changed my life.' Enjoy!


Danabilt said...

Ricky???, is that some trailer park boys thing ? I mean you do bare a resemblance but I'm sure I'm not the 1st to note it . And what's with the life changing pants ? are those pants that change themselves, (I could use pants like those ) or are they the Cotton Ginny/sweat pants you wore in high school with Jen P.(those most certainly could be considered life changing pants). Anyhoo rock hard , drink at least 6 drinks per gig( it'll help with the wacky stories and one night stands),stay away from the pickled eggs, try to keep'r between the mustard and the mayonnaise, and most of all bouncy side down , OH and if you have any spare room in that van on the rebound I can hook you up with some rebel freight ( a little pocket change for the gurls right)cuz empty miles means droopy smiles. good luck , yer Truckin' Buddy .

Jennifer said...

That is a sweet poster