Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Roughing It

So, when we mentally prepared ourselves for going on tour, I don't think any of us were imagining that life on the road would look like this:

Yeah. It's been rough. We spent Sunday, Monday and most of Tuesday at the above cottage in North Bay, Ontario. Then we had to pack it up and head to this godawful hell hole:

Seriously, it's been non-stop paradise. I have spent more time in a hammock over the past few days than out of a hammock. That's a good week.

I am writing this from tonight's venue in Sault Ste Marie (or, "The Sault" as it's oft called...which is pronounced 'Soo' for you non-Canadians). I think we all kinda forgot that we are supposed to be, like, playing music for people on this tour. It isn't all shuffleboard and suntanning.

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richard said...

You haven't hit Manitoba yet... it's all downhill from there until just outside Calgary.