Sunday, July 22, 2007

Excuse me sir, but I think you are in possession of mah bucket.

So, as Rachie pointed out earlier, we are currently travelling in a Civic, and to facilitate that, we've been using a roof rack.

We fastened the roof rack on with two straps that went right around the roof and inside the car and then proceeded to drive through heavy rain all the way to Montreal. The straps soaked up water and started dripping regularly on Erica and Tiina in the backseat. The straps were, like, wicking the water in or whatever... it was a real pain in the ass. At first they tied hankies on the straps, then those got waterlogged and we all eventually had to duct tape plastic yogurt containers to the drippy spots and hope for the best.

I'm sure anyone can guess what comes next, but of course as Erica was deeply asleep, a full bucket of water totally dumped out in her lap. It was great. She had to take her skirt off (wrap skirts, FTW) and we had to remind her not to go jumping out of the car whenever we got to a gas station. In fact, at one station, we pulled into full serve (we're not divas or anything, I think it was just the only one open) and she had to pull Cuddle Pillow Batman over her lap to preserve her modesty.

The best part about the whole thing was that when you looked in the car, it looked like we were living in some shanty town with a crazy greywater system, and we were hanging laundry on makeshift clotheslines. Basically every square inch of the inside of the car had a garbage bag and duct tape on it, and some wet handkerchiefs. Rachelle said it looked like Brooklyn back there. That was also because Wally was heating up a tin of beans on an iron wearing only an undershirt.


Alison and/orew said...

That is very very funny and so Canadian indie rock. I can totally imagine it. Batman looks like he's going to be carsick.

Chris McLaren said...

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read today.

I love tour stories that show the glamorous side of the rock'n'roll life.

Jennifer said...

Hugh and I peed laughing.

Also, for some reason I thought "Newer Post" said "Never Post". lol