Tuesday, August 14, 2007

All the way west!

So this is going to be a wee bit out of order, cause we’re in Thunder Bay right now, but here is our tale of Vancouver Island. It involves ferries, blood-soaked ties, tattoos and giant goose turds. First off, the ferries were super fun, and super windy.

We took the first one over to Nanaimo, where we got a last-minute show with Amy Honey, The Bash Brothers, and Hot Panda. The show was at this great little collectively-run art space called the & Loan Gallery (they found half an old Savings & Loan sign, which is where they got the name.) Everyone was really nice & fun. It was kind of like a giant house party. Here's Hot Panda playing, and a little kid who made necklaces out of hardware. Of course, we all bought one.

The next day Steph, Rachelle and I wandered around Victoria, which was sort of like a maze of upscale shopping streets. Picture an entire peninsula filled with Spring Garden Road, over and over again. Although that’s kind of a lie, because Rachelle found a comic book shop and Stephie found a record shop, and then there was the Chinatown souvenir shops where I picked up a handy dandy Japanese ear cleaner.

We also found the Victoria weekly, which featured a little ‘sure thing’ style write-up on the show. We were stoked about it, though it does sort of seem we have an inverse ratio of press coverage to actual bodies showing up at shows. Logan’s was, perhaps, the fewest folks at a show we’ve had this tour… but it could be a tie with Thunder Bay.

Anyway, after wandering around all day, we still had a bunch of hours to kill before the show, so we decided to find a park to lay around in. This is where the blook soaked tie comes in (Rachelle found it…eek!), along with the giant goose turds. So many geese. Quite seriously, I hope I never, ever have to see that much goose shit again in my life. Those Canada Geese sure are pretty, though.

We had tried ealier, unsuccessfully, to find a place to get pedicures, so instead we decided to have our own little park spa-time. We carted wetnaps, blankets and cosmetics bags in to the park and set up spa camp. Something about painting your toenails and applying mascara on a blanket in the park… it was like if the Absolutely Fabulous ladies were homeless, that’s what they would look like.

The Logan’s show was severely under-attended, but we didn’t mind because there was free supper, chocolate beer, and really nice bartenders. Also, Fury and the Mouse were super nice folks and let us stay with them afterwards. We are going to have to spend a solid week writing thank yous to everyone that’s helped us out on this tour… it’s really quite amazing & wonderful.


Johnathan said...

Much as I missed Halifax when I was in Victoria, you just made me feel a little nostalgic.

Also, my rotten Victoria friends didn't go to your show like I told them to. Jerks.

Spot 1980 said...

What is this chocolate beer you speak of??!